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When I Say No, I Feel Guilty

by Manuel J. Smith

rating: 4.3 (281 reviews)

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The best-seller that helps you say: "I just said 'no' and I don't feel guilty!"  Are you letting your kids get away with murder?  Are you allowing your mother-in-law to impose her


Amazon rank: #35,213
Price: $3.11

bound: 352 pages
Publisher: Bantam; Reissue edition (February 1, 1975)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0553263900
ISBN-13: 978-0553263909
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Still, I saw the book mentioned more and more, so decided to give it a tryThere is this girl who always asks for my phone and money everydayNow I know betterThe proof to that can be the badge of "bestseller" on the cover.Then I thought how lucky I am that have access to this training course just because I did not stay in Iran and traveled to a modern worldOnce we feel good about ourselves, our ability to cope with conflict "snowballs." "You can always find something wrong with someone else if you really want to." The possible responses for a human to a problem: fight, flight, and verbal problem solving.more flag Like see review View 2 comments Can't say that I agree with everything in the book, especially some of the 'Assertive rights', but then again I can't say that I can'tReader Success Stories Share yours! A Anonymous Jun 14 "Thanks, this taught me somethingThe most useful ones to me are "BROKEN RECORD," which is about repeating your goals until they are acknowledged and/or you get them, and "FOGGING," which is about agreeing with someone's points to prove that their criticisms of you are not effectiveAug 26, 2008 East Bay J rated it it was amazing Shelves: sociology-psychology-philosophy When I Say No, I Feel Guilty is a clear, well written book about assertiveness training

Home About wikiHow Jobs Terms of Use RSS Site map Log In Mobile view All text shared under a Creative Commons License2Home Categories Relationships Managing Conflict and Difficult Interactions ArticleEditDiscuss Reader ApprovedwikiHow to Say No Without Feeling Guilty Two Methods:ReflectBe ReasonableCommunity Q&A Is it nearly impossible for you to say "no" to a person without feeling guilty, no matter how unreasonable the request may be? If you can almost never say "no" to a person -- whether it's your boss or significant other -- without feeling terrible afterwards, then you have a hard time prioritizing your needs over the needs of othersThe other mechanisms are primarily useful in commercial and professional interactions, but definitely not more personal, friendly interactionsApr 16, 2007 Mehrnaz Memar rated it it was amazing review of another edition Shelves: parts-or-chapters, psychology I just picked up this book from our school library to see how I can be more assertive with my french tutor trying to impose his preconditioned ideas about teaching the languageSmithSnippet view - 1975When I Say No, I Feel Guilty: How to Cope--using the Skills of Systematic .Snippet view - 1975When I say no, I feel guilty: how to cope - using the skills of systematic .Manuel JMy initial assumptions were totally wrongI agree that a lot of us do things we are not comfortable with.and often we feel a lot more upset about then the person who is askingMar 17, 2017 Shubhr Gupta added it These type of books must come to the point during first chapters

It's no longer fashionable it seems, but boy This is really worth the read- actually I listened to it on Audible which I recommend because much of the learning is in the dialogues.I loved the content, the verbal skills but most of all the irreverent personality of the author and his refreshing 70's lack of political correctness and hilarious delivery.This book was much needed for me personally, and I have never come across this material before nor any references to systematic assertive therapyI didn't benefit so much fr I was loaned this by a coworker, who is in a position of authority over me and so graciously understands my inability to say no (we're kindred spirits like that), she thought I would greatly benefit from this bookFood Down Recipes Cooking Best Baking Recipes Shopping & Storing Kitchen Tools This Months Recipes The theoretical analysis of human manipulation and its impact on our emotional responses is elegant, insightful and brilliantThis comes on the heels of my reading of Boundaries and is a great supplement to that, especially as it presents much more liberal and sometimes earthy examples and conversationsYou're saying "yes" to living a more relaxed, evenly-paced life that is centered around the things that having meaning for you, not for someone elseJun 02, 2015 Yougo rated it really liked it Shelves: self-help, non-fiction Quite interesting, more so than I thought it would bePsychologist Manuel JWhile im still learning how to incorporate the techniques, they are so simple that its not something i need to read over and over to "get", its just about analyzing conflicts/situations beforehand and after to see how i can use these or could have used them (and thus can use them in the future)

The author provides readers with a belief system to adaptThey should understandRight off the bat, the first chapter of this book annoyed me, because I felt that there was a lot of speculation, especially about a) the causes of depression and b) the idea that childhood interaction patterns have an inordinately large effect on your adult life2-6) and I recommend checking it outThese range from asking for a refund for defective merchandise to avoiding being manipulated into sexual encounters

Aug 10, 2014 Matt Grimes rated it it was amazing Shelves: psychology-and-self-improvement Probably the most valuable book i've ever readThe bulk of the text is sample dialogs which illustra The best part was a sort of Bill of Rights that everyone hasIt's more like a user guide for your spineRefresh and try againSaying no is not summat I have a problem with!! I'm "testing driving" several of these for someone who desperately needs to get her head around the fact that it's actually okay to do what she wants to do!! For anyone in a similar position, this is excellentJan 17, 2016 Andy McKenzie rated it really liked it Shelves: rationalitylit I read this book because I think assertiveness and achieving your goals in the face of other's indifference and/or mild opposition is an important skillThe simple, easy to understand and master assertive verbal skills will free anyone from the excruiating emotions of igno Groundbreaking MasterpieceThis excellent work on the theory of communication and verbal assertive skills is still as unique, relevant and groundbreaking as when first publishedSmithSnippet view - 1975View all Smith, When I Say No, I Feel Guilty 0 likes Like f8c43f8250

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